When my mom met Tricia, she instantly felt comfortable. Mom looked forward to every interview and told her life stories in a way that she’d only share with a trusted confidante. Tricia even helped reunite Mom with a friend she hadn’t spoken to since the 1960s. Mom’s time with Tricia brought her a lot of happiness, and my siblings and I are so thankful to have our mom’s stories preserved for our kids and grandkids.

Mary, Minnesota

As a gift to my parents, Tricia organized our family history into a beautiful book that tells the story of our whole family. She managed 200 photos, incorporated interviews with Mom and Dad, gathered memories from all the kids and grandkids, and even added genealogy information. This book really captured our history, memories, and the values that make us a family. Tricia’s expertise and artistry exceeded our expectations. We could not have completed this book without her help.

Nancy, Wisconsin

Our daughter has given us many great gifts over the years, but the interview time with Tricia and the story that came out of it is the best gift she has ever given us. Tricia has a knack for this work.

Fred, Florida

Your unforgettably beautiful picture album of our life and family literally brought tears and exclamations of surprise, joy, and wonder – we’ll count it as one of the highlights of our lives. You captured a lifetime of memories in the amazing, colorful pages of pictures and prose, arranged in chronological order as we moved from our childhood, schools, marriage/children, work, and retirement. Life is so full of experiences, and you managed to catch most of the important ones through highlighting our interviews with you and with our family on each page. We wished it would never end! You are a real professional.

Erv and Grace, Ohio

Sharing stories with Tricia was like talking with a good friend. She took time to listen, and she knew how to ask the right questions to really bring my husband and me back to our younger years. When I read our stories, I could see the time she put into them, and I realized more than ever how interesting our lives have been. I’m so happy that our daughter and grandkids will always have these stories.

Nora, Florida